Justin Lee   Registered Acupuncturist & Owner

Justin Lee
Registered Acupuncturist & Owner

While travelling through China, Justin Lee experienced first hand what it was like to see a Chinese Medicine practitioner. At the time, he witnessed the doctor’s ability to detect that Justin’s father had undergone surgery in his lower abdomen over 2 decades ago just by feeling the pulse on his wrist. A moment that inspired Justin to begin his journey in the world of healing through Traditional Chinese Medicine.

With a passion for making a difference in people’s lives, Justin has dedicated himself to understanding how the body heals. Having over 5 years of clinical experience, he began his studies at the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He further trained in Japanese acupuncture - an effective and pain free approach that focuses on creating the change his clients need.

Justin believes that acupuncture is a way of awakening your body’s natural healing ability - and that pain, illness, or disease need not be tolerated for the rest of your life. He also believes that ‘food is medicine’ and can be used to nourish your body in between treatments.

Justin loves helping his clients heal through pain, digestive issues, and chronic illness using acupuncture and food therapy.

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