• Justin was not only highly informative, but also highly engaging! At our employee Lunch & Learn, he kept an audience of 40 intrigued, laughing, and asking questions throughout the seminar. His presentation on food therapy and acupuncture was full of useful, applicable tips, and he also provided 1-on-1 time with employees afterwards, to provide a free tongue and pulse diagnosis. We heard lots of positive feedback from our attendees, and several employees expressed their intention to book time with Acusoul following the seminar. Health and wellness is something that affects us all, and should always be a top priority for everyone- I would highly recommend booking an event with Acusoul to share some if this useful knowledge with your team.
    — CIBC
  • Our lunch-and-learn session with Justin was everything we hoped it would be, and more. He kept our employees engaged with his wealth of knowledge and captivating presentation. The free tongue and pulse diagnosis was a hit – it kept everyone talking for days that followed and inspired them to look at their health differently. I would highly recommend anyone turn to Justin for any health need - they can expect a friendly and informative interaction that will leave them feeling empowered in their journeys to better health!
    — Triovest
  • For anyone who wants to learn about acupuncture and food therapy, I would highly recommend scheduling a lunch & learn with Justin Lee. Justin’s lunch & learn session offered valuable information about how food therapy is an important component of health. We learned that different temperatures and flavours of food influence the body in specific ways – either positive or negative. We also learned how the combination of acupuncture and food can have a positive impact on one’s overall health and well-being. The use of acupuncture to alleviate pain resonated most with our team. A few of our employees booked appointments with Justin and noticed immediate results after only one session. It is no secret that healthy employees are a valuable asset to any employer – decreased absenteeism and a high productivity rate.
    — Allied Properties

Looking for ways to include health and wellness in your corporate environment? Contact us to book any of the following events:

1. Measuring Stress By Tuning Into Your Body (Lunch & Learn)

2. The Benefits of Acupuncture & Food Therapy (Lunch & Learn)

3. Wellness Day

4. Corporate Fundraising Events

We can customize the event to meet your corporate needs. Give us a call to discuss 647-985-3838 or email info@acusoul.com!