Concord Grapes 🍇

A healthy snack to strengthen the body. Grapes are good for tonifying blood, energy while nourishing tendons, bones and eliminating irritability. This is used in cases such as anemia, amenorrhea, painful urination, arthritis, and irritability


1. Grapes are berries

2. They taste sweet and sour

Like berries, grapes strengthen the root of our bodies- our kidneys, and can be used to treat painful urination and increase bone strength. Sweet and sour in flavour, grapes enter both the Spleen and Liver. Our spleen produces blood and energy for our bodies, hence grapes are good for nourishing the body's blood and energy in cases such as anemia, fatigue and amenorrhea. Our liver controls tendons, and regulates emotions hence grapes can help to nourish tendons, while eliminating irritability and overall stress levels.