Author: Justin Lee

Although acupuncture can treat a wide range of illnesses, why not take a preventative approach to avoid illness altogether? Many of us tend to wait until we are completely burnt out before focusing on our health and what we need. Acupuncture is a great way to rejuvenate your body from the inside out. From reducing stress, boosting energy, or providing clarity of thought - Acupuncture can help you stay on top of life.

Feeling stressed?

Whether you're feeling pressure from work, pressure from family, or pressure from yourself, life can be stressful at times. This leads to tension being held in our shoulders, neck, jaw, forearms, and backs depending on the person's habits. This tension is a sign of energy in your body becoming obstructed, making the muscles hard, and in some cases painful. This tension also reflects in our emotions through our short temperament, frustration, sighing, and general irritability. Acupuncture can get our energy flowing smoothly again, harmonize our bodies, and calm the mind. As a result tension held in our mind and body begin to dissipate. 


In our modern society, it's the norm for us to push ourselves to the limit in all aspects of life. With our schedules jam packed, how often do we schedule in time to rest or rejuvenate? When we begin to feel tired, many of us tend to grab a coffee or capuccino, something that will give us a quick boost. In Chinese medicine however, these drinks consume our kidneys. Our kidneys are like the roots of our body and hold within them our reserve energy. Over time these drinks actually squeeze every last drop out. As a result, you get a quick pick me up, but crash later in the day as you are actually exhausting yourself even more with caffeinated drinks, and begin to wear out your adrenals. Restore your energy with acupuncture treatments focused on nourishing your kidneys - ultimately boosting your reserve energy. The added benefit is there's no negative side effects, it's completely natural, and healthier for you in the long run.


Whether you're trying to shed those few extra pounds, quit smoking, or get rid of that foggy mind you walk around with all day, acupuncture is for you.

Some people barely eat, have no appetite, yet still remain overweight. When we focus acupuncture treatments on stimulating your body's metabolism, you may experience increased energy and appetite. Increased appetite? This sounds like a bad thing at first, but this is like your internal engine finally starting again, the appetite is there to help you burn the foods you eat. In addition, we can focus treatments on clearing excess waste from the large intestine - a way of detoxing the body. The combined effect of boosting energy, and clearing waste allows you to lose weight, have a clearer mind, and be more focused in life.

With energy and a clear mind to take on life's challenges, we can help you overcome things like addiction. Whether it's smoking, drinking, or any other addiction, NADA protocol is a proven form of ear acupuncture that helps individuals overcome their addiction cycles.

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