You remember it like it was yesterday. You bent over to lift something and WHACK! You got hit with lower back pain that felt sharp or like an electrical current that ran down your leg and into your foot. Ever since then, you’ve had to be extra cautious about heavy lifting, bending over, or sitting for prolonged periods hoping that it doesn’t aggravate your condition.


Every time it happens it’s like you’re frozen in a cast of pain - maybe for a few hours or even a few days. The only time you seem to get any relief is when you lie down. But you have things to do, work to go to, people to see, and so lying down is not a viable option.


You may have gone to the doctor, had X-Rays, and were told you have either a herniated disc, bulging disc, pinched nerve, or sciatica. You may have tried getting an “adjustment”. It helps for a bit, but you notice one quick movement in the wrong direction, or lifting something slightly heavier than you’re used to and you’re back at ground zero again.


Often times, manipulating the physical structures of your back isn’t enough. But what if I told you there was a way to change this. That there was a way to strengthen your actual spine to keep the discs from slipping and sliding so that you could walk, squat, bend over to pick something off the ground, and not feel this dreadful pain hold you back any longer.


In Chinese Medicine, the Kidneys are responsible not only for filtering toxins out of your body - They also represent our core energy. When they’re unhealthy or weak, your body has a harder time holding things together - including your spine! You see, a slipped, herniated, or bulging disc is really the same thing - the spine is weak, and allowing the disc to become loose, which pinches certain nerves near your spine causing pain, or numbness and tingling leading to your condition known as “sciatica”.


Although acupuncture would be more effective for your back pain, here I’m going to share with you an acupressure point that strengthens the kidneys, and has helped many of my clients take the edge off their lower back pain. Give it a try all you have to do is press it!


Acupressure Point For Sciatic Pain Relief:

Located between the index finger and thumb bones (metacarpals), this point is located at the base where these two bones meet.

Located between the index finger and thumb bones (metacarpals), this point is located at the base where these two bones meet.

It may feel slightly tender when pressed firmly with your thumb. Ready to activate this point?

1. Straighten your posture

2. Press firmly on the point for 15 seconds while breathing deep and slow

3. Try and relax your body during this process

4. Then see how your back feels.


Not bad right? If you would like more tips to improving your health - download the FREE self care acupressure guide here! It will cover different acupressure points for things like general aches and pains, sleepless nights, low energy, or stress.


And if you haven’t already, try acupuncture through an acupuncturist. With a holistic approach to improving your health and not just focusing on masking symptoms, acupuncture can lead to longer lasting results that improve both your condition and your overall health.


If you’re interested in booking an appointment, Justin Lee is a Registered Acupuncturist available in our downtown and forest hill acupuncture clinics in Toronto. He believes in using acupuncture and food therapy to improving your health naturally. You can book online or by calling 647-985-3838.