As you attempt to adapt to the changing seasons, life can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. As the business world ramps up, you might feel the need to push harder in an attempt to keep up with the pace.

If you have caught a cold, feel exhausted all the time, or notice a serious lack of inspiration and motivation, these are all signs that you might be working beyond your resources.

It’s time to RECALIBRATE. Remember, fall is a slower season. A time to let go. Nature begins to lose energy, and we too ought to re-think what we are capable of with the resources we have. Accepting that we can only do so much, and being content is a way that we humble ourselves and honor the inner voice.

If work is bubbling up, it may help to have quieter weekends and evenings. Pay attention to self-care now more than ever. Sleep earlier, take a nap if you can, or take a stay-cation. Do only what you know you can handle at this time, and consider giving your body a tune-up with acupuncture & food therapy.